Thursday, August 20, 2009

Charities - Website Share

Today I read an article about ways in which spending money can contribute to happiness, such as vacations, gym memberships, and donating to charities. (another article from Women's Health) This article recommended a great website called Charity Navigator.

It lists charities by category and includes ratings. It explains the rating system and if you click on a charity, you have access to a breakdown of the rating and the charity's financial information.

There is a link to donate online which makes it pretty convenient. And if you click on a topic, such as animals, the next page will provide subtopics and a list of facts about the topic. So, for example, I learned while clicking on charities for animals that for every baby born, there are 15 dogs and 45 cats born.

I am not sure there is a charity for helping our cat, Collette, safely navigate the dangers of the kitchen, but I did find a number of charities for cats specifically, which tells me that whatever my interest in charity donations, I can probably find it through this site.

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