Saturday, July 18, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why I Started this Blog

1) I am interested in making healthy eating choices but feel overwhelmed by all of the information. (e.g. Today I read an article that said drinking one glass of wine each day increases the risk of breast cancer. I read another article today that says wine reduces the risk of skin cancer...)

2) I just saw a nutritionist speak about healthy choices and I feel inspired to make some changes. (Dr. Judy Valentine) (Her book recommendation)

3) Before I moved back to North America from Japan, I was probably at my fittest and most ideal weight (achieved by visiting the park, note blog photo). I have been trying to lose the 10 pounds, since my return to much bigger food land, for a while now.

4) I have been hearing/reading about inflammatory foods lately and have reason to take this seriously.

5) During my 2 years in Japan, I gained an appreciation for unprocessed foods and foods that don't last on the shelf for 3 years!

6) I want to get back on track with exercise, and since I began my master's I have not made it a priority - I have NO excuses.

7) I don't have a diet/exercise partner and this blog will (hopefully!) hold me accountable. My husband is very supportive and exercises with me, but we can also be each others' worst enemies...we can walk you want to visit Fancy Cakes?.... etc.

8) I hope that I will be able to gather a list of recipes, ideas, and encouraging resources through recording my experiences.

9) I am addicted to sugar, Mike and Ikes in particular. Processed sugar is bad for my body, my teeth, and it prevents me from eating fruit. It also has a ton of calories.

10) Maybe someday someone else will read this and offer suggestions or maybe even appreciate reading about a recipe from my blog!

One more reason: Procrastination: I have a paper to write for school.

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