Tuesday, July 21, 2009


In my first post, I mentioned (2nd reason) that I had heard a presentation given by a nutritionist, Dr. Judy Valentine. She started the presentation asking the audience if we were willing to commit to becoming healthier. It was an interesting question to ask, and I did feel inspired to make some changes.

She also began her presentation with a book recommendation and explained that some of the information she was sharing was from this book.

This is what I took away from the presentation:

We need to balance 7 important aspects of our life/diet/habits in order to be healthy.

1) Improve nutrition (The bullets are the points I really paid attention to.)
  • Eat a healthy hearty breakfast that includes protein. We fast many hours before breakfast and need to refuel.
  • We should eat protein, carbs, and fats with every meal.
  • Eat a raw food with every meal.
2) Balance hormones - particularly insulin, thyroid, and male and female hormones
3) Reduce inflammation
  • Some foods are inflammatory.
  • Inflammation = aging
  • Sugary food are one of the most serious causes of inflammation (Mike and Ikes!)
4) Improve digestion
5) Detoxify - drink water, consider cleansers, etc.
6) Increase energy - exercise!
7) De-stress - keep your mind calm, resiliency is good, stress depletes nutrition and sleep

These are the notes that I took and, of course, I am only touching on what was said in the presentation. There was much more, including advice about supplements throughout.

Some immediate goals based on this:

- less sugar, no more Mike and Ikes, and I only drink one glass of juice per day now
- more green tea, which was recommended as an anti-inflammatory drink
-exercise, went on two walks since Tuesday :( ...working on it
-raw foods with every meal, apples, carrots, cucumber
-bigger breakfasts with protein, have had eggs 3 days in a row (this is difficult for me)
-detoxify, trying to watch intake of pre-prepared meals with preservatives, using safer cleansers, opening windows, etc.

On another note, I found a useful site about nutrition.

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