Sunday, July 19, 2009

Green Tea

When I was in Japan, I acquired a taste for green tea. It was served with every meal in every restaurant and home. Sometimes it was very strong and sometimes mild, and usually hot, if not warm. I have never really loved or craved the flavor of green tea and that is probably why I stopped drinking it when I returned home. However, I do love the flavor of jasmine tea.

I have read a lot about the benefits of green tea. Even when I google it now, there is no end to the number of sites dedicated to the benefits of green tea .The nutritionist, Dr. Judy Valentine, spoke about it the other night as a recommended beverage.

So, one of my goals is to become a regular green tea drinker. It begs the question... How much green tea should I drink? Well, many sites admit that there is debate with this question; however, it seems that the most common number is 3 cups.

This week I have been drinking 2 cups and this is how I drink green tea: I bought green tea with jasmine tea bags (another supposedly beneficial tea) so that I will actually enjoy the taste. I brew it and then pour it over a glass completely filled with ice (no sugar). So I am drinking iced green jasmine tea. Yum!

Goal: 3 cups a day. In September, I will follow my one cup of coffee (recently reached the goal of reducing coffee intake to only 1 cup a day!) with green tea for my drive to work. One cup at work and one maybe in the evening.

I like to research things on the internet but know enough to know that just because it says so on a website, it doesn't mean it is true. If I provide a website, it is so I can easily find that website again.

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